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  Curaçao sets itself apart in the Caribbean by its safe and friendly environment. With just over 150,000 inhabitants, Curaçao has a very strong sense of community while remaining cosmopolitan and sophisticated. The friendly and ethnically diverse inhabitants with their linguistic dexterity make the international traveler feel immediately at home. The pedestrian friendly campus-like feel of Punda and Otrabanda, first class hotels, wonderful climate, crystal clear seawater, fascinating architecture, secluded bays, fine dining restaurants, museums, and entertainment all create a sophisticated, but relaxing atmosphere that can best be described as "The Curaçao Experience."

Curaçao's high quality of life and hassle free environment make it an ideal second home or retirement home destination. It is just as as suitable for educational campuses, corporate training, and regional headquarters. Simply put, Curaçao is a great place to live, work, and play.