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  Curaçao is often described as an island of rural charm with cosmopolitan sophistication. The beaches are truly secluded, while the landscape is sprinkled with stately mansions. The crystal clear seawater reflects the pastel colors of the Dutch/Caribbean Architecture. These unusual contrasts blend together to make Curaçao.

Situated off the coast of Central and South America, the island is truly multicultural and is characterized by a unique heritage of African, British, French, Dutch, and Indian cultures. This island is unspoiled with charm and sophistication. Historical Willemstad is registered on UNESCO's world heritage list. Curaçao's People, Culture, History, Art and Architecture are themselves a study in contrasts; blended together they create a potpourri of stimuli which in the aggregate can best be described as "The Curaçao Experience."

Still home to the oldest active synagogue in the Western Hemisphere, Curaçao clings proudly to its history and culture. In fact, Curaçao has more museums per capita than any country. The downtown district is filled with sophisticated shops with a vast array of duty-free merchandise, quaint restaurants and cafes sheltered in the cooling shadows of the restored Water Fort arches, busy hotels, nightclubs and casinos -- all of the style and sophistication of a European city in a tropical island setting.