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  The telecommunications infrastructure in Curaçao is an essential link in the chain of the island's Economic Development.

Curaçao's international country code is 599-9; there are no internal area codes. US 1-800 numbers can be reached from Curaçao by dialing 1-300 and the number.
Note: these calls are NOT toll-free. They are billed at the applicable international rate.

In an ever-increasing information intensive global economy, Curaçao has realized that the provision of adequate telecommunication services is absolutely vital to its survival. Access to modern telecommunication services is a given on the island. Cost reduction represents only one component of achievable business value that can result from outsourcing your telecommunications services in Curaçao. Curaçao has a modern telecommunications technology infrastructure in place for companies that invest in the island to achieve dramatic improvements in business performance and business transformation.

The island's approach to telecommunications infrastructure integrates technology capabilities and delivery channels to bring both cost reduction and increase in productivity. Investors can rest assured that a critical balance of reliability, security, user experience and satisfaction, and capable management are in grained in our business processes.

The government wants to privatize this industry as privatization will allow for service improvements in both price structure and in quality.

Recently Cingular wireless has invested in Curacao."

U.T.S. United Telecommunication Services is the oldest and biggest telecom provider in Curacao and the Netherlands Antilles . After a merger in 1999 between the local telephone company Setel and the Antillean carrier Antelecom, the company became a key player in the telecommunication industry in the Netherlands Antilles and the Carribean.

UTS identifies "Adding value to life through communication" as its Core Purpose.

To fulfill this purpose UTS offers a variety of products and services aimed for both the residential and business market.

The residential market can benefit from the following products and services:

Post and pre-paid fixed phone
Post and pre-paid cellular phone
TDMA and GSM cellular connection
Roaming options
All types of pre-paid telephone cards
Regular or ISDN internet -access
Wire-less internet access
Several point of sales all over the island
Website to control an invoice

For the business market we offer the following products and services:

A variety of PABX systems from the well know brands such as Ericsson, Avaya, Nortel
Local and International Leased Line Connection
Internet access via ISDN, Fiber and soon ADSL
Up and Downlink of Satelite Broadcasting
WAN and LAN connection
Structured Cable
IP Telephony
Broadband Services & IP

To fulfill our mission we are committed to keep improving our products and services. Whatever your telecommunication needs may be UTS is your ready to assist you in finding a customized solution. For more information please visit our website at or contact our main office located at the Rigelweg 2, Curacao N.A.

Tel : 5999-777 0101
Fax: 5999-777 1284