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  The Ports of Curaçao are alive and thriving and are the most modern and efficient container ports in the Caribbean. The Ports of Curaçao are all natural sheltered ports that offer safe, fast, efficient and reliable handling of both ships and cargo, providing reliable, safe and efficient 24-hour service from a strategically located point in the Southern Caribbean.

Curaçao has always played an important role in international commerce due to its strategic location, stable political conditions and its deep and wide naturally sheltered main harbor. The Port of Willemstad has been recognized with the award: 'Most Dependable Port 1997' by the Caribbean Shipping Association. Even better, Curaçao is located off the main hurricane routes and you have the perfect gateway in the Caribbean and investors to the island benefit from the modern infrastructure combined with Dutch business and economic know-how, which guarantee the best service.

Since 1982, the CPA, a limited liability company whose main shareholder is the Curaçao government, has managed Curaçao's ports. CPA is a landlord port authority, owning infrastructure and most of the superstructure of the ports. The facilities are leased out to private operators. more »

The CPS manages the Willemstad Container Terminal and other cargo facilities in Port of Willemstad based on a concession agreement with CPA, since 1983.

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