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  The educational system in Curaçao is based on the Dutch system, and schools on the island meet the high standards applicable to institutions in the Netherlands. There are several public and private schools to facilitate the educational needs and priorities of its residents and students from other regions. Public schools are free, and attendance is required. The government has placed strategic priorities on education:

Promoting access to basic education.
Contributing to quality improvement of education through global partnerships.
Supporting and disseminating innovative practice.

The Curaçao educational system includes schools for elementary, secondary, technical, higher and limited university education, as well as schools for vocational training. Most public schools teach in Papiamentu, some of them use Dutch. Private schools mostly use English or Dutch.

Those attending the University of the Netherlands Antilles (UNA) at this time may pursue degrees in Law, Technical Engineering and/or Business Administration. UNA has just recently changed its curriculum from Dutch to 100% English, and has the potential to offer a unique educational experience combining European, North American, and South American Curriculae.

Note: American style education is available from kindergarten through the 12th grade.