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  Curaçao plays an integral role in international business. A special Association Agreement with the European Union allows companies that do business in and via Curaçao to export many products to European markets free of import duties and quotas. Curaçao is also a beneficiary of the U.S. Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI), which allows most exports to enter the United States duty free.

The Curaçao Government is serious about en economic development and offers two free trade zones: the Harbor Economic Zone and the Airport Free Zone. Most of the companies located in the Harbor Economic Zone are trading firms that distribute products from the United States, Europe, and Asia to the Caribbean and Latin America. In a Curaçao Economic Zone, goods for export can be stored, manufactured, processed, assembled, packed, exhibited, and released from bond, free from all duties. In addition, services, for instance via Internet, may also be provided.