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  Curaçao's government is aiming at enhancing the overall efficiency on the macro- as well as the micro-level. Through privatization the government strives to strengthen the forces of national economic development in general and in particular to increase the competitiveness of its products and services especially those which are exposed to global competition. Some of the areas of focus are as follows:

Privatization & strategic partnerships for state owned enterprises and activities such as the airport and the utility company.
Diversification of education and training activities, including the establishment of high-quality, commercially run schools and training institutes targeting local and regional markets.
Revitalization of business contacts in the Caribbean, in the U.S., and in The Netherlands and other European countries following initial interest and investment initiatives from these areas
Modernization of economic legislation is another important aspect of government policy. The most important development in this has been the introduction of a new Civil Code featuring a state-of-the-art Corporate Code (modeled, of course, after the new Dutch civil code though not copied from it). With its enhanced flexibility and simplicity the new code greatly facilitates the conduct of business in the Netherlands Antilles.