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  Curaçao's international airport is yet another piece of the island's infrastructure that has undergone a massive infusion of capital. These allocations of capital have been focused on developing the airport into an internationally recognized air-hub center for the Caribbean.

The airport also serves as a base for the flight operations of the Dutch armed forces and the U.S. Forward Operating Location (F.O.L), which are stationed on the island. The Netherlands Antilles possesses three international airports with Curaçao International Airport having the largest capacity and passenger throughput.

The Airport has experienced a steady growth of passengers in the last decade. The yearly average now stands at 1.2 million passengers, a sizable 20% beyond the maximum capacity of the old terminal.

Airport Privatization and Modernization

In August, 2003, Curaçao Airport Partners (CAP), a consortium led by Alterra Partners, took over the operations of Curaçao International. The consortium also includes Trabajos Industriales y Mecanicos, C.A. and Janssen de Jong Caribbean.

Alterra plans to work in partnership with the government and stakeholders to develop the airport as a catalyst for wider economic development and increased employment on the island. Alterra said its vision is to develop the airport beyond the current tourism dependant operation and establish Curaçao as a leading Caribbean passenger hub. In particular, Alterra is looking for partners to help develop some of the land surrounding the terminal.

Curaçao's new airport, which became operational in August 2006, contains a new passenger terminal. The project is aimed at increasing the airport's operating efficiency, removing facility constraints, enhancing passenger service, comfort level and security, generating additional revenue, and providing for future growth and development.

The previous terminal building has been abandoned, and will be fully replaced by the new airport with a gross area of 25,000 square meters. The new passenger terminal is located at the east side of the previous building. The new facilities are designed to handle up to 1.6 million passenger movements per year at a comfort level complying with the C-level specified by IATA. The airport terminal has four loading bridges, which are able to accommodate concurrently two wide-body or four narrow-body aircraft. Additional aircraft, including smaller airplanes, can be boarded via the gates to the apron.

The project includes a new passenger terminal with concourse, loading bridges including an expanded retail concession area, a newly expanded baggage handling system with enhanced security features, a new flight information system and general airport information and telecommunication services.

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Curaçao boasts the second biggest seaport in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, after Rotterdam, and certainly one of the two or three most modern and efficient ports in the wider Caribbean, featuring the best mooring facility for latest generation mega cruise ships.
With over a decade of experience in managing one of the most efficient and modern ports in the Caribbean and Latin American region, the Curaçao Ports Authority has accumulated extensive know-how that can be of utmost value to other ports. Combining Dutch know-how with specific Caribbean expertise Caribbean Ports Developers (CPD) N.V., a subsidiary company of CPA, can offer you professional assistance in developing, organizing, financing and managing commercial ports including:

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