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  IT / E-Commerce
  Curaçao brims with potential, considering its traditional strengths - distribution facilities, international financial services and a stable legal and political environment - drafted from being a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Curaçao offers the environment needed to operate global e-Commerce businesses, positioning the island in a favorable situation to partake in Internet initiated sales, by providing a complete and cohesive package of services. This distinguishes Curaçao from its (regional) competitors and makes the island unique.

Additionally, The Curaçao e-Commerce Platform consists of representatives from the Business and Governmental sector, making it the first public-private partnership with such dimension. The Curaçao e-Commerce Platform strives to enhance Curaçao's Entrepreneurial environment in order for Curaçao to play a greater role in electronic business. As a result and in conjunction with the already attractive tax regime, the internationally operating companies will be more effective after relocating (parts of) their business to Curaçao. The Platform consists of four task forces, the Logistic, Financial, Legal & Tax, and Technological task force. Each of these task forces work on amendments and improvements in their respective fields and when necessary engage in cross-border activities that help fulfill the objective of improving the e-business infrastructure on Curaçao.