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  Telecommunications is another key component of the e-Commerce infrastructure on Curaçao. The privatization of this industry is a governmental priority. The privatization process will allow the services being offered to improve in both price structure as well as in quality.

The government has already taken several steps towards privatization including the elimination of the "Landsradiodienst" (Landsradio) and its replacement with a number of separate corporate entities under holding company United Telecom Services. In Curaçao, Antelecom NV is responsible for international services and Setel is responsible for local infrastructure and services. On St Marten, Tel Ems and Smitcoms (St Marten International Telecommunications Services Ltd) have equivalent roles, although they have not been completely separated.
In theory at least, Smitcoms is able to compete with Antelecom.

These new organizations are intended to be commercial competitors in a liberalized and deregulated market-place, but these companies in time-honored fashion now object to further liberalization of the market which will dent their profit margins.