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Jeremi Plantation: a beautiful piece of estate of 52 hectares (130 acres), situated on the south west coast of Curacao. On the northern end the terrain is bordered by the Christoffel National Park. On the east side you will find the village of Lagun and in the west is plantation Knip, which is destined to be a natural area. The southern border is formed by the magnificent Caribbean Sea, which is crystal clear and calm here. Furthermore just off shore one will find one of the island's most splendid coral reefs.

Willemstad and Hato Airport are located within about 30 minutes driving distance of Jeremi. Fans of water sports and sun bathing can reach Santa Cruz, Lagun, Jeremi, Little Knip and Grand Knip, the five most beautiful bays of the island, within several minutes. Hikers will enjoy visiting Christoffel National Park, a nature reserve with a large variety of trees, cacti, reptiles and birds.

In the governmental development plan the terrain was given the destination of tourism area. This means that not only special building forms are allowed, but also building of hotels and/or exploitation of other tourism activities are possible. Of the 52 hectares (130 acres), 6.5 hectares (16 acres) are reserved for low rise hotel- or apartment construction for diving- or eco tourism, the remaining land is intended to be a residential area. The necessary infrastructure is already present: roads, cables for electricity and telephone are laid out. Immediately after request of a building permit, construction can be started.