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  Lots at Grote Berg Lota at Grote Berg
Grote Berg Community is being developed in phases; 450 of the 900 lots have been parceled out in the first phase and have been sold so far. The remaining lots will be parceled out and sold in phases of 30 to 60 lots. Building in accordance with one's own design is allowed, but in order to create a balanced urban development, some architectural guidelines are in force.

Grote Berg is situated on a plateau in the center part of the island of Curaçao along the main road to the west part of the island called Bandabou. The lots in the upper part of phase 2 are overlooking the phase 1 area, the east part of the island with Willemstad and the North Coast on the horizon. Several beaches, airport Hato, schools and supermarkets are within a 15 minute drive from Grote Berg.

The lots measure approximately 500 m2.