When evaluating opportunities in a global market, Investors must first address a specific project opportunity. However, after the risks and rewards of a project have been evaluated, the external environment - or more specifically the economy in which the project exists - becomes relevant. In other words, it is important to answer the question, "why Curaçao?" It is our purpose in this Economic Development Section to share with investors a vision and strategy for Curaçao that describes a compelling future, and a strategy to get there. Hopefully, this will provide the context in which you can envision your project prospering.

In short, we believe the answer to "Why Curaçao?" is that we are truly defining a new way of life in the Caribbean. Just as importantly, we have a progressive strategy to grow our economy that builds upon the strengths of our unique advantages. We invite you to be a part of The Curaçao Experience.

Curaçao's defining characteristic, both in terms of business services and the tourism experience is one of sophistication. Curaçao serves up a culturally enriching quality of life from its selection of fine dining restaurants to the diversity of its people and their flair for languages, to the living history of Historical Willemstad.

It can be argued that true sophistication is a product of education; and this applies to Curaçao whether it is the intellectual capital that exists in its globally competitive financial sector, its many museums, the edutainment nature of its activities such as dolphin therapy, or the campus-like feel of Punda and Otrabanda.

Accordingly, our vision for Curaçao's economic development is based on the premise that education can be the industry that fuels and defines tourism, business services, and entertainment. More importantly, education brings people to Curaçao and keeps the best local minds on the island. It creates demand for airlift, exposes Curaçao to potential tourists and business persons, and creates the intellectual capital that can drive industrial development which in the end feeds the transshipment sector. We hope to encourage and facilitate investments in all forms of education and edutainment from international alliances for higher education to vocational and technical training, to the arts, maritime, and hospitality training.

Likewise, our vision of Curaçaos economic future is to "Define a new way of Life" by nurturing the unique characteristics of "The Curaçao Experience." This strategy requires the nurturing of the many culturally enriching characteristics that make Curaçao a sophisticated destination, and the encouragement of additional investment in culture, arts, entertainment, education, and niche business and tourism sectors.

We envision a Curaçao that attracts the sophisticated tourist that is seeking an enriching experience; not just sun, sand, and sea. We expect that corporations will discover that Curaçao makes sense for corporate retreats, training, and tradeshows. We anticipate that international shopping and fine dining will come to define the Curaçao experience, and companies will seek to locate regional headquarters and e-commerce operations that leverage Curaçao's first class airport facilities, deep water port, multi-lingual workforce, educational institutions, sophisticated financial sector, and tremendous quality of life.

We hope our vision of Curaçao's future includes you and that we may help facilitate your business or personal objectives in Curaçao.