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  There are two Economic (free trade) zones in Curaçao geared towards trading in goods and services: Harbor Free Zone, and Airport Economic Zone, covering a total area of 61ha., multipurpose buildings are offered or land in long lease in a fully service park. Both zones managed by Curinde corporation, 85% owned by the Island Authority of Curaçao. Economic Zone companies are permitted to export a max of 25% of their turnover to the Netherlands Antilles at normal import duties. The remaining 75% must be re-exported to third countries.

The economic zone law was enacted in 2000. The law targets companies that are engaged in international trade and its supporting activities, such as the following: storage, assembling, processing, packaging of goods, maintenance and repairs in the economic zone of goods pertaining to companies doing business outside of the Netherlands Antilles, maintenance and repair of machinery and other equipment located abroad using goods stored in the economic zone and electronic Commerce. Under the law, regardless of nationality, a legal entity with capital shares and which is admitted to the economic zone area can obtain the following benefits:

2 percent tax on the profit induced by exports until 2025;
Exemption for turnover tax, exercises, import duties in the case of import, transshipment or export;
Employees who lived outside the Netherlands Antilles for more than 5 years can qualify for an expatriate status. In addition, certain tax-free benefits may be granted to the employees of companies located in the economic zone

Upon request, the Central Bank will grant an exemption from the payment of foreign exchange license fee charges for merchandise transaction.