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  Curaçao's tourism promotion slogan is "Real. Different." Curaçao is certainly different from most Caribbean destinations. While and abundance of sun, sand, and sea abound, Curaçao first sets itself apart by the landscape. Curaçao is arid, not tropical and you will see more cactus than palm trees. Its beaches are often secluded coves, most quiet and undisturbed by crash commercialism. You won't find tourists traps on Curaçao, what you will find is something different, and in fact, something very real.

When you visit Curaçao, you are not locked into an all-inclusive resort or paraded through theme parks. You immediately become a part of the fabric of the community. Many hotels such as the Kura Hulanda or the Avilla are cultural experiences in and of themselves. Small restaurants can be found along the roadside serving fine European and Island cuisine and you don't have to take a tour bus to enjoy them. Curaçao is "real" in the sense that as a tourist you can truly relax in a no-hassle environment and experience the many cultural and culinary delights that Curaçao offers.

Curaçao has some of the best diving in the Caribbean. The West Point part of the island in particular has a number of small dive hotels, dive boats, and dive shops. Golf, fishing, drag racing and other leisure activities are easily accessible. Curaçao is home to the oldest Synagogue (Mikvé Israel-Emanuel) in the western hemisphere, and has the largest number of museums per capita as any county in the world. Many experiences such as the Seaquarium offer an "edutainment experience." Plans are underway to develop the Otrbanda waterfront into a nightlife oasis. The diversity of Curaçao adds spice to this cultural experience, and the safe pedestrian friendly areas of Punda and Otrabanda enhance the campus-like feel to the island.