The Clusters Education & Sophistication Strategy
  Clusters Strategy Summary  
  Education & Sophistication Strategy
  “Continuous improvement toward global competitiveness includes the measurement of growth in human capital. Therefore, the measurement of the total population's inclusion in education and social development, social values, as well as competitive skill development, must be benchmarked against global standards.”
“Status of Global Economic Competitiveness," Kolaborativo (Curaçao's Commerce, Union, and Government Initiative for Social Dialogue.”)

The term that best encapsulates our strategy for Curaçao's development is "Education & Sophistication." But this strategy is more than a slogan. It is a tangible roadmap for development success.

This strategy of "Education and Sophistication" requires an immediate two-pronged approach from a development point of view: a focus on developing the education industry and attracting the sophisticated tourist. Investment in these two initiatives will create a corresponding demand in their respective sectors but also will create demand and opportunities in the business services and entertainment sectors. When put together, the result is a cluster strategy of that includes a focus on Education, the Curaçao Experience, Niche Tourism, and Specialized Business Services.

The Cluster Strategy
A cluster strategy is envisioned to unify and stimulate Curaçao's development. This cluster strategy focuses on four main clusters:

A Focus on Education
Nurturing the Curaçao Experience
Specialized Business Services
Niche Tourism

However, the synergies created by these clusters have a direct affect on the following sectors:

Transportation & Logistics
Commercial, Residential, Retail

It is important to note that the economic multipliers do not begin and end with education or even these clusters. In fact they both leverage and support the transportation/logistics and teleCommunication sectors. In particular, the airport supports the inflow of students, teachers and parents needed to support the education sector and this demand increases the need for airlift. As the workforce becomes more educated, and therefore more competitive, transshipments increase, leveraging and expanding port facilities, telecom, and eCommerce. Increased travelers to the island support international fashion and shopping. Education enriches the cultural experience, attracting more tourists and retirees and creating a brand as an outcome of success. Education and tourism exposes the island to more tourists and immigrants spawning retail and residential development.