The Clusters Education & Sophistication Strategy
  Clusters Strategy Summary  
  As indicated on the diagrams, the overlap of all four clusters creates the real "sweet spot" for Curaçao's economic development. It truly leverages the best of all four clusters, but the strategy focus is not limited to the sweet spot. Any area with overlap of at least two sectors should be quite competitive. However, by pursuing this cluster strategy, a certain momentum and spin-off is created, allowing even "me-to" development and promotion to succeed. For example, this cluster strategy certainly creates a market for niche tourism, but by creating and promoting such an identity, the broader exposure and supporting infra-structure, intellectual capital, trained workforce and brand awareness, create opportunities and support basic resort tourism. The same premise holds true in each cluster.

Finally, as pointed out earlier in this paper, the value of this cluster strategy is that it involves choices and focus. As a result of success in nurturing these clusters, the economic affect multiples through the economy and particularly influences the transportation and logistics sectors, as well as it and export-related services.

As you evaluate specific opportunities in Curaçao, we hope that you can view them through the prism of this economic development strategy and envision your project as a part of Curaçao's future.