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  It is in the interest of all private companies in Curaçao to promote and attract trade and investment to develop and grow the economy. While the government of Curaçao has a number of quality development programs in place, these programs are enhanced by an engaged and active private sector. The private sector initiative led by the Marubeni - Aqualectra Economic Development Partnership believes it has a role to play in helping to develop Curaçao 's economic future. In close cooperation with the Curaçao Chamber of Commerce, this partnership will strive to help make investors aware of the opportunities in Curaçao and facilitate their investment efforts whenever possible. Accordingly, this web site has been created to promote and position Curaçao properly in the minds of investors, provide them the information and resources they require, and keep them abreast of investment opportunities as they arise.

This web site is sponsored by the Marubeni - Aqualectra economic development partnership.

The Marubeni-Aqualectra Economic Development Partnership is a community development initiative of Marubeni's Curaçao Utilities Operating Company, "CUOC," and Aqualectra. As part of these two utilities companies' corporate policy, an economic development program has been undertaken which is deemed to be in the interest of their stakeholders for three reasons:

It grows the industrial base increasing the demand for their services
It benefits the co mm unities in which they operate
It is part of being a corporate good citizen

Marubeni's and Aqualectra's Economic Development Team is available to assist you with your investment activities in Curaçao. We offer a private company perspective as well as that of a foreign investor. We look forward to supporting and facilitating your investment-related activities in Curaçao by providing advice, making introductions to key government and business leaders, providing guidance with respect to local business practices, and providing private professional support through our economic development contractors.

For additional information and support from the Marubeni- Aqualectra Partnership, see the following contacts:

For trade and investment inquiries in the U.S., contact Marubeni & Aqualectra's Trade and Investment Consultant:
Geo Strategy Partners
Mark Towery
Managing Director
7840 Roswell Road
Building 300, Suite 350
Atlanta, GA 30350
T: 770-650-8495
C: 404-372-3686
F: 678-441-9417
For local intelligence In Curaçao, contact Marubeni's Public Relations firm: